Act I


9,630 Visionaries

Date TBA


Will give holders access to the Airdrop and Staking


51% Community Kickback

           ·      To support the floor if it drops below mint price until staking is released.

           ·      Once staking is released will then be used for token burning (to match the rate of 51% of the royalties each week).

9,630 NFTs


Given to ACT I NFT holders via a snapshot. These NFTs will have pre-access to all future collections (up to 3,960 mints).

At this point the project will switch to Token governance. ACT NFT Stakers will generate tokens that then will be used for project governance.


Distribution of Tokens:

           ·      1 Token generated per day per Act NFT staked.

           ·      Weekly token burning.

*Highest secondary sales will be featured on the website

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